5 Reasons why Car Tinting is a Good Idea

It isn’t only gangsters and VIPs that like to tint their car windows, and with the many benefits a tint brings, it’s easy to see why so many Australians are wising up. Even if your wheels already have a tint, the latest generation offers a much cooler climate, and it also protects your interior against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Here are just a few of the reasons why motorists are looking to modern tinting solutions for the ever warming conditions we live in.

  1. Window Tints Repel Heat — If you leave your car in a shady area and consider yourself lucky to have found the parking space, yet in a few hours’ time, when you finally arrive back at the car, it is sitting in the hot midday sun, and has been for a while. Moving will take at least 10 minutes, and even then, the first few miles will be uncomfortable, but with the right window tints, your interior will always be reasonably cool, and never anywhere near the furnace conditions of the past.
  2. Protect Your Interior — Those bucket racing seats were not cheap, and with all the leather upholstery, you can do without sun damage, which it what will occur if you don’t have adequate screening. Global warming means that things are going to heat up in the long run, and with WA summers already peaking out at record temperatures, it makes sense to protect your car interior as much as possible. Ask a car upholsterer about the cost of replacing a leather interior and you might be shocked, but with the right solar protection in the form of a window film, the problem is solved.
  3. The Ultimate Convenience — Window tints allow you to drive away, no matter where the car is parked, or how long it has been roasting in the sun, and for people on the move that see time as money, a quick getaway is essential. A sales person would typically visit 4 or 5 clients in their region, and if you have to negotiate a sauna like environment every hour, things will not go well. Arriving at the client’s offices all hot and sweaty is not the ideal image to portray, but with window tints, you will always remain cool, calm and collected.
  4. Privacy — Of course, most of us do not really care who sees us when we are out and about, but nevertheless, it is nice that people cannot see who is inside the vehicle, and depending on the shade of the tint, you can become quite anonymous.
  5. Save on Fuel — The fact that your interior is always at an acceptable temperature, you’re a/c doesn’t have to work hard, in an effort to reduce the temperature at the very start of the journey, and this can add up over the course of a month.
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