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Anti Graffiti

Anti graffiti film makes it easy to clean graffiti

Tint Works also has series of films that are designed to go the glass to provide protection against Graffiti and Vandalism. Thru our partnership with scratch removal companies we can restore the glass by way of polishing out scratches or removing containments ‘from the surface of the glass,before the application of anti-graffiti film to protect the glass from further damage. We offer a free quoting service in all of the metro area for Western Australia. The graffiti and scratching glass is a very big issue and cost the community and the building owners millions of dollars every year. The western Australian government’s Tough on Graffiti strategy 2011- 2015 puts the national cost of graffiti at 1.58 billion dollars a year.

Tint Works provides Anti-Graffiti services to the following:

  •  Government and shire buildings
  •  Public transport stations
  •  Public transport vehicles (trains and buses)
  •  Shopping centres
  •  Retail shop fronts
  •  Residential properties exposed to hard water and coastal environments
  •  Insurance companies
  •  Car dealers

Facts about Graffiti

It is proven that the quick removal of graffiti is effective an deterrent.
Glass exposed to damage, but not broken is nearly always cheaper to repair and protect with film than to be replaced.

Glass replacement is getting even more expensive as more complicated glazing systems are used to make buildings more energy efficient.

More Information

Click here to download the Tint Works AntiGraffiti Datasheet.

Anti Graffiti window film in Adelaide & Perth
Anti Graffiti window film

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