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Black Azz

Put space between you and the world with Black Azz. At speed, parked or anywhere.

Tint Works is the place to go to cover your car windows with the darkest legal tint . We provide Black Azz – a best-of-breed product with an amazing set of qualities – to cover your unique and strict requirements. This ground-breaking technology is developed to give you the level of privacy and protection you need.

Forever in Style

Black Azz keeps your car ahead of the game with its sleek and stylish look. You can cruise with an air of confidence with its inherent elegance that stands out on the road. Made by the world’s best, Black Azz gives your ride striking appearance and lets you drive away in class.

Keep Your Cool

Stay relaxed with Black Azz – enjoy the benefits of reduced heat and glare in your car. Ninety-nine percent UV rejection means you protect your car’s interior from fading and your skin from getting sun damage. This cutting-edge window tint is the ultimate solution to gain optimum shade inside at all times and take to the road in comfort. With Black Azz, you can kiss away the hassles of driving in the heat and say hello to optimal convenience and protection.

Exclusive to Tintworks

Black Azz is only available from your local Tintworks Store – with over 37 years experience in car, home and office tinting. We have a myriad of branches across the Western &South Australia and a dedicated staff waiting to assist you with your concerns at every location. Visit the website or call 1300 846 896 to find your nearest location.

UPF Rating

Black AZZ has passed the Achieved the highest possible Rating of 50+  in this category as tested by the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency

Peace of Mind

Black Azz like the other films in our range is manufactured in the USA at Commonwealth Laboratories Martinsville, Virginia.

More Information

Click here to download the Tint Works BlackAzz Datasheet.

Entrust your needs only in the hands of true experts. You can lean on our proven expertise to have the best available darkest legal tint in Australia for your car windows.
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Utraviolet Protection Factor UPF 50 plus

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