Make Your Home More Comfortable with Window Tints

Make Your Home More Comfortable with Window Tints

Comfort is a major issue in the home, and we spend a lot of money to ensure that our living space is as pleasant as possible, with insulation providing a cost effective way to reduce energy consumption. One great idea to reduce the effects of the summer sun is to have your windows tinted, as this reflects most of the sun’s rays away from the glass, thus making the interior cooler.

Save Energy

Your air conditioning works very hard in the summer, as it struggles to maintain the desired temperature, and with a large amount of the sun’s heat coming in through the glass, the a/c seems to be fighting a losing battle. Quality window tint can reduce up to 68% of solar heat, not to mention that it blocks out almost all UV radiation, which can cause your carpets and furniture to quickly become faded and worn. The tint is very durable and scratch resistant and is easy to clean, and with a professional installation, you will reap the benefits of a cooler living area.

A Safer Place

Having window tints installed has many benefits, especially with regards to safety, as the film is securely attached to the glass, and in the event the pane shatters, it will remain in one piece, thanks to the tint. Glass slivers can be extremely dangerous, and often a person will receive a cut weeks after the event, as they tread on a sharp sliver of glass. Your home will also be more secure, as an intruder would not attempt to force entry through a tinted window, knowing it is almost impossible.

Winter Benefits

There are advantages to having window tints in the colder months, as the heat loss through your glazed surfaces is dramatically reduced. In the same way the tint keeps the heat out in the summer, it will also help retain the indoor heat in the winter. With less use of the a/c and also of the heating system, the homeowner can look forward to a pleasant surprise when the energy bills arrive.

Noticeable Difference

People always comment on how much cooler the temperature is after having window tints fitted, and it creates an even temperature throughout the room. Your carpets and furniture no longer have to undergo the daily ordeal of being scorched by the blazing sun, and the family pet will find some really cool sleeping spots.

Aesthetic Benefits

Window tint comes in a range of shades, so it is possible to create a unique ambience, and with opaque solutions, you can maintain a level of privacy, should you wish. Although there is a range of tints, some have better insulation properties than others, and by talking to one of Tintworks experts, you will soon know the most effective type for your home.
Tintworks is fully accredited with the Australian government, and we have been providing window tint solutions for both car and homeowners, and with the very latest technology, your home or car will feel a lot cooler. If you would like to know more about the benefits of window tints, contact us today, and we will be happy to advise you on all aspects of window tinting.