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Optima ULR

Until recently, it was thought to be impossible to produce a high-performnce film that is less reflective than clear glass.

Until recently, it was thought to be impossible to produce a high-performance film that is less reflective than clear glass. Now, TintGard is proud to release Optima ULR – the perfect solution when night time visibility is essential.

Optima ULR is a new generation of window film. It uses nano-particles fused within the film, to provide very good solar energy rejection, ultra low reflectivity and a beautiful deep grey colour that is durable and guaranteed not to fade.

Optima ULR is a great film for those rooms where glare is a problem, such as home theatres. Optima ULR gives you good heat rejection, excellent visibility at night, excellent glare reduction and a high level of daytime privacy.

This is the latest generation of architectural glass film, which leverages the power of nano-technology to provide good solar energy rejection, low reflectance and durable colour. Optima ULR excels in combining proven solar performance and enduring good looks.

The ultra low reflectivity of Optima ULR comes from being a non-metallised film, which is excellent for homes and buildings that use satellite radio, wireless internet and other Bluetooth devices.

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Click here to download the Tint Works Optima ULR Datasheet.

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