Reasons Why Install Window Tinting is a Good Idea

Reasons Why Install Window Tinting is a Good Idea

Window tinting, most Australians have heard of it and its benefits, and will in many cases think of car window tinting. And then there are some who are aware that the very same benefits of car window tinting can simply be applied to their homes. Home window tinting helps to protect not only the health and comfort of your family, but also helps to safeguard the interior of your home, enhance finances with the saving of energy, and secures your privacy! Not to mention making your home look more beautiful.

Heat Reduction

Tintworks window tinting for the home or office is now one of the most popular and efficient ways to cut back on unwanted solar heat coming in through windows. It can easily contribute up to an 80% reduction in heat compared to normal glass, and cools down sun-drenched areas in your home or office.

Goodbye Fading & Hello Better Health

Home or office window tinting will stop around an amazing 99%* of UV rays, and at the same time reduce heat. Your beautiful furnishings will definitely appreciate your concern for their included well-being from fading and also provide a screen for your skin against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Goodbye Glare

For whatever reason, such as direct sunlight, snow reflections, water, or neighbouring buildings, there is an ideal window film solution to assist in cutting out any troublesome glare. Make a glare simply a thing of the past!

Cost Effective Solutions

Most designers, building engineers and architects, nowadays, are aware of the reduction of temperature imbalances created by extreme sunlight and is the reason why they are leaning towards window film. Reductions in the loss of heat will inflate HVAC efficiency, thus lowering energy bills.

Security Boost

Any accident, environmental calamity or vandalism, can immediately turn a pane of glass into life-threatening shards. With the application of Tintworks window film, this can simply be contained and act as a safety net, keeping the shattered glass together.

Privacy Enhancement

If nosey neighbours or passers-by can see right into your home, then quite simply window tinting offers a simple solution that will still allow daylight into your abode. Year round privacy can then be enjoyed, because you can see out, but outsiders can’t see in!

No Installation Woes Guaranteed

Professional installation is simple and quick. There’s absolutely minimal disturbance to your daily lifestyle or schedule, and you’ll soon be enjoying all the perks and benefits of your brand new home window tint, in no time at all. At Tintworks in Perth, our pursuit for perfection will provide you with a quality product bar none. Simply contact us for a free quote and get to realise right now, what others already have.

Cool Solutions Galore

Whatever the window, there’s a wonderful selection of tinted film that can aesthetically revolutionise the exterior and interior of your surroundings. Looking “cool” on the outside and being “cool” on the inside has never been easier, and is definitely the place where you want to be! Get some!