What Mistakes Should You Avoid With Your Tints?

What Mistakes Should You Avoid With Your Tints

Tinting the windows in your house is an extremely good idea for a variety of different reasons. You will be making your possessions more secure because people will not be able to look inside your house easily to see what you have. You will also be increasing the amount of privacy that you have when you are relaxing with your family. Also, you will be protecting your skin from the rays of the sun, and the furniture will not begin to fade because of excessive sunlight.

Here at Tintworks, we supply quality tinting which will last for an extremely long time. What mistakes should you avoid with the tints?

Don’t Wash the Windows Too Soon

The window tint is created by a special film which is fitted over the glass. This film needs time to set in place for it to work efficiently. You should wait for a week before you attempt to clean the windows after the film has been installed. You will damage the film if you wash the window as soon as it has been fitted. The film will then need to be removed and the whole process will have to begin again.
Once the film has completely set in place, you will be free to wash the windows as often as you like without worrying that this is going to cause some damage.

Don’t Use a Harsh Pad to Clean the Windows

When your windows become dirty, they can develop some extremely stubborn stains such as mud and oil. You will want to get these stubborn stains off as soon as possible, but you should not use a harsh cloth or any iron wool pads. The harsh cloth or iron wool pad could cause the film to become scratched. If the film is damaged in any way, it will not be completely effective and this will allow people to see inside or for the sunlight to make the walls fade.

Use a soft pad when you are cleaning the windows that have been tinted. This will ensure that you will not do any damage to the film that is providing protection for the house.

Don’t Use Ammonia-Based Cleaning Products

When you are cleaning the windows, you may be tempted to use products that have ammonia in them. This is not a good idea because the chemical can damage the window. You should always check the cleaning products to make sure that they are completely free of ammonia before you start using them.

Instead, you should use a simple mixture of soap and warm water which will be able to lift the dirt off the window without any problems whatsoever. Then your windows will look as good as new without you having to put in a lot of effort.

When you are cleaning your windows, there are lots of mistakes you need to avoid in order to protect the tints. If you want to tint, get in touch with us today!