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5 Reasons why Car Tinting is a Good Idea

It isn’t only gangsters and VIPs that like to tint their car windows, and with the many benefits a tint brings, it’s easy to see why so many Australians are wising up. Even if your wheels already have a tint, the latest generation offers a much cooler climate, and it also protects your interior against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Here are just a few of the reasons why motorists are looking to modern tinting solutions for the ever warming conditions we live in. Window Tints Repel Heat — If you leave your car in a shady [...]

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What Mistakes Should You Avoid With Your Tints?

Tinting the windows in your house is an extremely good idea for a variety of different reasons. You will be making your possessions more secure because people will not be able to look inside your house easily to see what you have. You will also be increasing the amount of privacy that you have when you are relaxing with your family. Also, you will be protecting your skin from the rays of the sun, and the furniture will not begin to fade because of excessive sunlight. Here at Tintworks, we supply quality tinting which will last for an [...]

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Make Your Home More Comfortable with Window Tints

Comfort is a major issue in the home, and we spend a lot of money to ensure that our living space is as pleasant as possible, with insulation providing a cost effective way to reduce energy consumption. One great idea to reduce the effects of the summer sun is to have your windows tinted, as this reflects most of the sun’s rays away from the glass, thus making the interior cooler. Save Energy Your air conditioning works very hard in the summer, as it struggles to maintain the desired temperature, and with a large amount of the sun’s [...]

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Reasons Why Install Window Tinting is a Good Idea

Window tinting, most Australians have heard of it and its benefits, and will in many cases think of car window tinting. And then there are some who are aware that the very same benefits of car window tinting can simply be applied to their homes. Home window tinting helps to protect not only the health and comfort of your family, but also helps to safeguard the interior of your home, enhance finances with the saving of energy, and secures your privacy! Not to mention making your home look more beautiful. Heat Reduction Tintworks window tinting for the home or [...]

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Protect Your Home or Office with Window Tint

Direct sunlight causes damage to more than just exterior surfaces, as it penetrates the glass windows and continued exposure will fade carpets and furniture quicker than you would believe. Solar protection is always a concern, and with modern window tint, you have the very best protection available. Ultraviolet radiation can be almost eliminated, with modern window tinting able to prevent up to 99% of the harmful rays from penetration, and with a range of colours and shades, you can also enhance the look of the building. The Advantages of Window Tint If you are looking for ways to [...]

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