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Window Tinting Cars, Homes & Offices

Home Window Tinting Morley

Tint Works has been tinting homes in Western Australia for over 10 years. We are able to fit window film in various different tint shades to single & double storey homes, apartments, cottages, units & rentals in and around Morley.

We aim to provide all our clients with as many resources & information as possible so that you understand what your window tinting can do for your home. Such reducing electrical & gas costs, protecting your family from UV rays both via skin & glare on TV, phone & computer screens.

We offer free quotes & aim to educate & answer any questions you may have in regards to your home window tinting in Morley. 

For a full list of benefits please scroll down below.

home window tinting in perth
commercial window tinting in Adelaide and perth

Office Window Tinting Morley

Tint Works in Morley has been tinting office buildings in Western Australia for over 10 years. We are able to fit window film in various different shades & designs on any building. Whether you want window tinting done on a 30 story building or want to window tint a 2 storey office we can help you. 

We can also help with decorative window film, such as frosted or designed film with shapes, words & frosting. We do it all.

If you would like more information on the brands or shading percentages please give us a call, or drop into our office and have a chat with us. 

We offer free quotes to all clients and can provide PDF’s with more information on brands and tinting shades. 

Car Window Tinting Morley

Tint Works has been tinting all makes & models of cars in Morley for over 10 years. We have a wealth of experience that we view as one of our points of difference to other window tinting businesses in Perth.

Our expert car window tinting team can place window tint on any make or model of car, van, ute, truck, bus & even boats, motorbikes, & planes.

We offer free quotes & aim to educate & answer any questions you may have in regards to your car window tinting. If you would like a free quote for your car window tinting please give our Morley office a call today. 

We are here to help and look forward to helping you with your car window tinting in Perth. 

Tint Works Perth

Tint Works Window Film

  • Rejects up to 99% ultraviolet radiation
  •  Rejects up to 68% solar energy
  •  Increases air conditioner efficiency thereby reducing power consumption
  •  Increases safety and security by improving the shatter-resistance of your windows
  •  Protects interiors from fading and cracking
  •  Has a durable scratch resistant coating
  •  Is guaranteed against colour change and turning purple
  •  Enhances the overall appearance of your building
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Benefits of window tinting your home, office or car

Benefits of tinting your home

  • Reduce energy costs, by reducing the need to run your air conditioning at a high level.
  • In Winter it can also keep the warm air inside thus saving on gas & electrical
  • Creates a safer environment for you and your family from harmful UV Rays.
  • These UV Rays also damage carpet, curtains, couches, and woodwork.
  • Reduces the glare in the home protecting your families eyes.
  • Improves the privacy and ads character & style to the home.

Benefits of tinting your office

  • Theft-deterrent, tinted windows make it harder to see what’s in your office.
  • Reduces energy bills – both gas and electrical as heating and cooling doesn’t need to be used as much.
  • Increases your privacy
  • Reduces glare which is even more important if you use computers (protects your eyes)
  • Reduces & stops damage to furniture, curtains, carpets, computers & Tv’s if in direct sunlight
  • Stylish – ads character to your office space.

Benefits of tinting your car

  • Reduces the UV into the car which is important in Australia, especially if you have a young family.
  • Your air conditioner & heater doesn’t need to work as hard, to cool down or maintain temperature. 
  • Reduces glare and strain on your eyes 
  • Ads a level of security making it hard for people to see inside your car. 
  • By having tinted windows you can protect the inside of the car, so your leather, cloth, driving console etc. 
  • Plus who hates a hot steering wheel? With window tint, you can reduce this sting.

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